Modeloptic Product Update: April 7, 2022

Luke Harris
Co-Founder, Modeloptic
New Feature: Global Validation

We just rolled out a new feature that will make it much easier to tell if all necessary input assumptions have been set for your model or if there are still open items that require your attention.

If you load any page other than one of the configuration pages, you will see a Projection Set selector in the top center that will look something like this:

The icons to the left of each Projection Set name indicate the following:

  • Lock Icon: The projection set is locked. This means that it has intentionally been locked down to prevent changes from being made. Projection Sets can be unlocked on the "Projection Sets" page.
  • Exclamation Point Icon: The Projection Set has at least one validation problem that needs to be addressed.
  • Green Check: The Projection Set passed all validation.

If you load the "Financial Detail & Projections", "Personnel", or "Customers" page, the validation button in the top right will now also show any errors that exist across your entire model, including in different entities (if you are using multiple entities within your model). If the current Projection Set has validation errors, you will see an exclamation point icon in the top right that looks like this:

Clicking on that icon will show you all of your model's validation errors, which will look something like this:

This should make it much easier to track down any areas in your model that require your attention. If you don't see the exclamation point icon, that means the current projection set has no errors and is good to go.

Moved Feature: Flat Data Export

On the “Financial Detail & Projections” page, we moved the “Flat Data Export” feature to live underneath the “Generate Excel Model” button in the top right. If you click on the caret icon on the right side, you'll see the option to do a flat export of the current projection set, which looks like this:

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