Modeloptic Product Update: July 5, 2022

Luke Harris
Co-Founder, Modeloptic

We've added several new features that we're excited to tell you about.

1) Peelback Mode

This is a feature that has been requested by nearly everyone! Peelback Mode will let you easily see what you were projecting at any given save point in the past.

How this works is a bit nuanced:

  • Currently, when you create a projection set, you specify which month you want the projections to start in. For example, if you create an annual budget at the beginning of the year, you will specify January as the projection set's start month:
  • Modeloptic defaults to overlaying your projection sets with the latest historicals when they become available. That means that when January ends, your initial full year budget will now have one month “covered up” with historicals.
  • However, sometimes you don't want your projections covered up, and what you actually want is to see what you were projecting previously.
  • This feature makes that possible by adding a new “Peelback Mode”. When you select a prior projection set that has a start period that is now in the past, you will see a new option available:
  • This mode will “peel back” the historical periods that have been layered in over time, so you can see what you were projecting back when the projection set was locked.
  • You will also be able to export to excel in Peelback Mode, just like you are in Standard Mode.

2) Speed Improvements

If you've made changes to a projection set lately, you should have seen a substantial speed improvement when recalculating and saving changes to it, in some cases up to 70% faster. You can expect even more improvement in the coming months.

3) NetSuite Integration

Our NetSuite integration is now live! Any customers that use NetSuite as their accounting system can now pull their data into Modeloptic each month with the click of a button rather than needing to load it in manually from excel files.

4) Personnel Excel Import / Export

On the Personnel page, you have the ability to upload an updated staff list via excel if desired. You'll now also have the ability download your current staff list to excel as well, and can use the current state as a starting point for making modifications. Simply click on the “Download Template” link on the bottom left of the Personnel page to export, and use the “Upload Staff List from Excel” button to import.

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