Modeloptic Product Update: March 8, 2023

Luke Harris
Co-Founder, Modeloptic
New Feature: Comprehensive Custom Reporting

We are very excited to now offer the ability to create custom reports within Modeloptic, along with the ability to export reports to PDF. This new functionality is extremely powerful and flexible, enabling you to analyze and communicate your company's performance and future plans both internally and externally.

This new Reporting page will be the first page you see when you next log into Modeloptic, and replaces the previous “Dashboard” page. It includes everything you used to see, and much more.

Once you're in, you'll start by seeing the Core Financials preset report, which will look something like this:

Several additional preset reports are available from the “Select Report” dropdown in the top middle:

If you click on the gear icon to the right of the report selector, you will see the report management screen that gives you the ability to rename, reorder, clone, or delete existing reports. You can also create a new report either from a preset or starting from a blank page.

You are free to edit the existing reports as desired. If you'd ever like to get the initial version of these pre-created reports back, you can alway do that by using the “Create New Report from Presets” menu.

The “Enter Edit Mode” button in the top right will let you edit, resize, reposition, clone, and delete objects within the active report, as well as let you add new objects (also either from a preset or starting from scratch):

Adding objects from our collection of presets is very convenient so you don't always have to create your own graphs or data tables from scratch, though you have the ability to customize them to suit your needs.

You can of course create standard report objects like Graphs and Data Tables, but you can also add more sophisticated items like Variance Tables and Stagger Charts.

A Stagger Chart, for example, allows you to see how your projections for a given account have changed over time and how they differ across projections sets:

Modeloptic's Reporting has the ability to select relative periods for report objects so they will automatically have their periods stepped forward as you add new actuals each month:

This saves a ton of time and eliminates a major source of possible error versus attempting to update your reporting manually in excel!

Finally, one of the more unique and powerful capabilities that Modeloptic's Reporting has is that any report can be exported to PDF. This enables you to easily share insights with both internal and external parties. Simply hit the “PDF” button in the top right:

Switching into Print Preview Mode first will show you exactly how your generated PDF will look so you can easily adjust sizing, positioning, and page breaks, all of which can be done in Edit Mode.

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