Modeloptic Product Update: September 8, 2023

Luke Harris
Co-Founder, Modeloptic

We're excited to tell you about several significant new product updates that we've just rolled out:

1) Major Design Update

We've upgraded our design to a sleeker, more polished aesthetic, which you'll now see throughout the system:

Our external-facing look got an upgrade as well:

We hope you'll agree that the look of the product is now closer to matching the power of its functionality.

2) Updated Navigation

As part of the design changes, we've moved the primary navigation controls into a left panel that you'll see when you next log in:

All of the same pages are still available, they've just been grouped according to their function:

Clicking in the center blue area or on the arrow that appears when you hover over the menu will allow you to expand and collapse it as desired:

3) Easier Forecast Module Management

On the Financial Detail page, toggling the active Forecast Module has been moved to the top right of the screen, and you can now manage your Forecast Modules by clicking on the gear icon:

This will open up the "Manage Forecast Modules" screen:

Here you can create, clone, rename, reorder, and delete Forecast Modules.

We hope you enjoy the new aesthetic and added functionality! As always, if you ever have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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