Modeloptic Product Update: Februrary 14, 2024

Luke Harris
Co-Founder, Modeloptic

We're excited to tell you about several significant new product updates that we've just rolled out:

1) Sage Intacct Integration

Our integration with Sage Intacct is now live! This is our fourth direct accounting integration, and joins our existing integrations with QuickBooks, Xero, and NetSuite.

Intacct users can now take advantage of the full benefits of being directly integrated with Modeloptic, including the ability to update their forecast and reporting materials with the latest actuals each month in a matter of minutes. This also includes the ability to see transaction level detail from directly within forecasts and variance reports, and much more.

You can see the Intacct Marketplace Listing for Modeloptic here.

2) Search & Export Capabilities on Transaction Detail

Once you click into the transaction detail for any account, you'll now have the ability to search and filter the items displayed.

Entering in your desired search criteria in the top right will filter the list to just the transactions that match your input:

You'll also have the ability to export the transactions shown on the screen to Excel for further analysis or distribution:

3) Schema Mapping Usability Improvements

When setting your schema mappings between your chart of accounts within your accounting system and your chart of accounts within Modeloptic, you can now begin typing to search for your desired target account rather than needing to scroll through the full list of options:

Modeloptic will also highlight any unmapped lines in red so you'll know which accounts still need to be addressed:

4) Ability to Link to the Statement of Cash Flows

In addition to being able to link to just about any component of your model, you'll now have the ability to link to the statement of cash flows as well:

This is especially useful when creating forecasts that involve algorithmically managing your cash balance, including making use of revolving credit facilities, maintaining leverage ratios, setting triggers for equity inflows, and so on.

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